⚙ My Arch Linux setup
Published On: Nov 4 '20


Hey guys! I managed to successfully install Arch Linux with all of the softwares I needed. 😁

Here is my Arch Linux setup.

  • Desktop Environment: KDE Plasma
  • Backup Tool: Timeshift with RSYNC
  • Package Manager Helper: Pacmac Manager
  • Session Manager: TBSM
  • Global Theme: Breeze Dark
  • Virtual Desktops: 2
  • Activities: 2
  • Linux Kernal: LTS (latest)
  • Shell: Oh My ZSH

I have a scheduled a Backup & Maintenance task every Sunday. I'll do backups, upgrade, junk clean up, and security checks to make sure everything works fine.

Other Softwares

Be sure to check out the building process HERE