Curious to know what gear I use on a daily basis?
My setup changes from time to time. Will try to keep this page updated.😁

  • 🖥Full Stack Developer
  • 📝Software Engineer
  • 📱App Developer
  • 🕸Web Developer
  • 📸Photographer
    Checkout my instagram page 😊

  • 💻Macbook Air 13"
    I've used windows, linux & mac both professionally and for personal use. I was a Ubuntu user for a long time, but nothing beats the ease of use and developer friendliness of a mac.
  • 📷Sony α6400
  • 📱Nokia 7.2
    I made a switch from iOS to Android
  • 🎧AirPods
Dev Environment


  • 🐸Google Chrome
  • 🔥Firefox Developer Edition
  • 🐅Safari


  • 🎨Figma
    For all sorts of UI design stuff
  • ✏️Balsamiq
    For sketching user interfaces
  • 💡Lightroom
  • 🖌Photoshop
Mobile Apps

  • 🎵Spotify
    I cannot live without music. ❤️
  • 🎤Google Podcast
    My favourite podcast is StarTalk hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson.
  • 🌈Google Photos
    I have a shared album in the google photos account with all my experiments in photography and colour grading. Have a look 😊
  • Quire
    For task & project management.
  • 🔭Sky Guide
    An awesome iOS application with rich star catalogue.
  • 📱Other Applications
    Reddit, Instagram, 9GAG, YouTube, Telegram, Snapseed, Unsplash, VLC, etc..

  • 🎧Music
  • ☕️Coffee